I'm a Product Design Director at The New York Times. Throughout my career, I've pursued opportunities where technology facilitates connection through storytelling. I was initially fascinated by the power of self-publishing through blogs and the communities that sprung up around them, so I worked with small publishers like Gothamist, Paper Mag, Brownstoner and Talking Points Memo at Six Apart. I led a team that helped these publishers design for compelling narratives with the aim of growing their audiences.

I cofounded a food concept called Lonestar Taco, where I created a distinct brand through the customer experience. I led design at Serious Eats, where I evolved an authoritative brand and created engaging experiences to build trust with their readers. I now collaborate with product teams that are focused on strengthening the relationship between The Times and its audience.

Through these experiences, I believe that design management plays a vital role in both building those innovative products and creating diverse and inclusive workplaces. Most recently I led a project where I developed tools and processes that support career development and defined a shared language for the practice of Product Design at The Times.

The following is representative of my work before joining The Times.

Serious Eats: Editorial Features

I worked closely with the editors and developer on creating and building pages with a distinct look and feel that augment the meaning of the content.

Serious Eats

I worked with editorial and advertising to refine existing features, create new ones, improve the ways that users can find content, and evolve the brand.

Lonestar Taco

Experience design for a special events catering business.

Branding and Identity

I've worked on identity projects for food related brands.

Spice Rack App

Design and prototyping for an iOS App to help manage your spice rack

Serious Eats: Sponsored Content

I collaborated with the advertising team to incorporate advertiser assets into landing pages for ad campaigns.

Robert Newman

I helped Robert Newman, an award-winning creative director, redesign his web site.

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