I'm a designer and artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Throughout my career, I've pursued opportunities where technology facilitates connection through storytelling.

As a Product Design Director at The New York Times, I collaborate with product teams that are focused on strengthening the relationship between The Times and its audience to better make the case for paid subscriptions. Through my art practice, I modify traditional landscape forms to explore identity and collective memory. I am particularly interested in how class, place, race and gender influence the lived experience and impact of climate change. 

I’m dedicated to building communities around my interests for mutual support and dialogue, so I share my expertise through efforts like teaching interaction design at the School of Visual Arts and speaking at events like South by Southwest. You can also find me in organizations like the Chinatown Book Club, craft circles, my neighborhood Food Box program, and women in Product Design groups. 

I enjoy eating tacos, buying way too many magazines, slowly getting better at sewing and staring at the sky. I'm an enthusiastic third degree black belt in karate that will take you up on an invitation to karaoke. I’ll forever aspire to (and fail at) Halo but will throw down Wrecking Ball any day. 

CV for all my pursuits. Also in HTML.

Not even going to point to my social media accounts. Want to chat? Send an old fashioned email to tracie DOT lee @ gmail.