A Voce

After spending (literally) hours trying to figure out which Italian restaurant to take his parents to, we settled on A Voce. After looking over the menu, it seemed to get the right balance of familiar Italian dishes done with a bit of a haute cuisine twist, and the atmosphere was on the interesting side but still acceptable at the parent level. It was also important that the place wasn't tiny and cramped, like so many New York restaurants tend to be; more for the sake of Wayne's parents, as we wanted to make sure that they could enjoy a long-ish dinner in a comfortable setting.

The restaurant was exactly as we had hoped. We had a spacious table against a wall, so half banquette seating and two chairs. The restaurant was on the quiet side when we arrived, but the noise level built to a pleasant buzz as the evening went on. The server was attentive at the beginning, and knew the menu relatively well (she was able to answer our questions without sputtering), but she was a bit too perky for my taste.

I had a lovely mushroom and walnut soup which had a creamy, velvety texture and an earthy flavor. It was rather filling but I could have had another bowl of it, I enjoyed it so much. Wayne ordered the cassoncini con prosciutto di parma, these amazing fried balls of dough filled with prosciutto that just melted in your mouth. We also ordered the terrina di polpo, the octopus terrine. It had a bright, citrusy flavor and the octopus was cut paper-thin, so the texture was soft and chewy in a good way.

I was actually quite full at that point, so it was a bit harder for me to enjoy the trout as much, but it had a nice grilled charcoal flavor but was still tender at the same time. And perhaps we went overboard, but we did order dessert. The bomboloni were the best, very light even though they were fried, and the chocolate sauce was rich and decadent.

The real test was Wayne's parents: they declared the meal to be amazing and were quite happy with it, so I can definitely recommend it if you have parents coming to town and you want to impress them.

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Why do you kids thinks that us parent only like a certain place; we are just as flexible. Don't forget we were the one who took you to the different restaurants when you were young. Of course the restaurants we used to go probably won't be the one you want to eat at now. I cannot speak for others but for me I love to try new places that you have gone to. I am glad that you all had a good meal at this place. I am sure that Bonnie and Mike appreciated both of yours effort to pick a place that they enjoyed.


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