Buddha Bodai

This place is perpetually busy. They have dim sum whenever you want, you fill out a form and they bring it to you - no carts. They have the standard, garden variety Chinese menu, but of course everything is kosher and vegetarian. I have nothing against that, I've had some amazing vegetarian meals, but the food is just not very good. The food lacks flavor and needs much more salt, it's just very bland. Everything tends to be on the sweet rather than savory side, so when you order "mock duck" or "mock roast pork" of course I feel rather let down.

The staff is on the helpful side, not as gruff as you would expect in Chinatown. So that's a plus. But the lack of flavor in the food is a real turnoff - sometimes it's better to just make food the way that it is rather than trying to imitate meat.


Last Date Visited: November 7, 2010

Address: 5 Mott Street, New York, NY

URL: http://www.chinatownvegetarian.com/