Just a gal who makes things, loves eating, takes pictures and lives in Brooklyn.

I make art in my copious amounts of free time, and in my day job I work as the Design Director ateskimo.jpg Six Apart Services with a great team of brilliant, interesting people. I live with my hubby and a crazy cat in lovely brownstone Brooklyn.

Likes: days when the sun sets after 8 PM, fuzzy cats,  homemade guacamole, Photoshop droplets, knitted scarves, Lost marathons, vinyl, crisp autumn air, freshly baked peach pie, metal cups, ripe tomatoes, saxophone quartets

Dislikes: spiders (especially in bathtubs), mean drivers, chunky ice cream, the MTA, anything Microsoft, pants that are too long, soul patches, network TV, mismatched socks, junk mail (real and virtual), strong winds the day you put recycling out so that your newspapers are scattered all over the sidewalk, walking on grates, cotton candy, bad cell phone reception, inadequate "oh-shit" handles in cars

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