Spring Cleaning. Of a sorts.

On this beautiful, beautiful spring day, I spent most of the afternoon hunched in front of my computer combing through files in terminal looking for hacked files and to upgrade all my various far-flung software installations (MOVABLE TYPE I AM LOOKING AT YOU) so that I won't get hacked. 

I'm all for control over my data...yes, I still have a non-gmail address for those paranoid moments when I don't want Google to know what I'm up to. But god what a pain in the ass it is to deal with hackers. Then the guilt comes on, like "oh god I haven't blogged in a YEAR what is WRONG WITH ME". And then I look at my site and I think "oh god WHAT IS WITH THIS DESIGN." 

Oh right I'm making stuff all over the place, just not here. 

Where I'm at these days:
Tumblr - This is more like a "I read this super long article in Instapaper and I thought it was interesting and maybe one day I'll get around to commenting on it" link blog. 
Foursquare - This has totally supplanted my "Eaten" blog. Oh well. The key thing is that I can find stuff while I'm out and about.
Lonestar Taco - Our taco joint! If I am putting energy towards blogging more likely it'd be there.

I have pretty much abandoned Posterous, it was great while we were on our trip but I haven't been that into this whole move to Spaces (and now it's been acquired?!). Typepad is dead to me. (unless someone can convince me otherwise.) I tweet like twice a week. I guess I'm gonna go old school and start blogging here again even though the layout totally annoys me.


(ps. - WHAT THE HELL is up with this zemanta plugin? *fail*)

oh and yay for figuring out how to embed my latest instagram photo. 

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