April 2012

Giving running another try

I never thought running was for me. Ever since grade school I've always been one of the slowest runners, and in high school I inevitably received a D in gym class whenever the mile was involved. Every run was painful and an exercise in humiliation. So I've never really thought I was capable of running, never mind enjoying it. It's definitely been at the bottom of my priority list when it comes to "fun things to do" or even "tedious things that are necessary to stay healthy". And in the past, the few times I did agree to go for a run, it felt like a huge chore and a struggle.

Running number

Baked Eggs with yogurt and chile


This really is my favorite new brunch recipe. It's from Yotam Ottolenghi's Plenty and I find that I've been getting a lot of mileage out of this cookbook. The recipes are vegetarian but not in a "I can't eat meat and that sucks" vegetarian kind of way; instead, it uses lots of inspiration from Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and even Asian ways of cooking and flavoring things. So you never feel like "oh my god I'm missing meat". 

This recipe is ridiculously easy to make but the results are so deeply satisfying. I think it also holds a special place in my heart because it uses kirmizi biber, a Turkish dried red chile flake that we encountered everywhere when we were in Turkey. In fact, we've been using up our supply that we bought at the farm that we spent a few weeks working at - we'll have to make a trip to Sahadi's or Kalyustan's soon to remedy that situation.

Spring Cleaning. Of a sorts.

On this beautiful, beautiful spring day, I spent most of the afternoon hunched in front of my computer combing through files in terminal looking for hacked files and to upgrade all my various far-flung software installations (MOVABLE TYPE I AM LOOKING AT YOU) so that I won't get hacked. 

I'm all for control over my data...yes, I still have a non-gmail address for those paranoid moments when I don't want Google to know what I'm up to. But god what a pain in the ass it is to deal with hackers. Then the guilt comes on, like "oh god I haven't blogged in a YEAR what is WRONG WITH ME". And then I look at my site and I think "oh god WHAT IS WITH THIS DESIGN." 

Oh right I'm making stuff all over the place, just not here. 

Where I'm at these days:
Tumblr - This is more like a "I read this super long article in Instapaper and I thought it was interesting and maybe one day I'll get around to commenting on it" link blog. 
Foursquare - This has totally supplanted my "Eaten" blog. Oh well. The key thing is that I can find stuff while I'm out and about.
Lonestar Taco - Our taco joint! If I am putting energy towards blogging more likely it'd be there.

I have pretty much abandoned Posterous, it was great while we were on our trip but I haven't been that into this whole move to Spaces (and now it's been acquired?!). Typepad is dead to me. (unless someone can convince me otherwise.) I tweet like twice a week. I guess I'm gonna go old school and start blogging here again even though the layout totally annoys me.


(ps. - WHAT THE HELL is up with this zemanta plugin? *fail*)

oh and yay for figuring out how to embed my latest instagram photo.